Bahareh Miri

I am a registered architect in the Netherlands with education and professional experience in both fields of Architecture design and Building engineering. During my professional career, I have worked on several projects that included residential and commercial buildings, a capital railway station, bridges, and sports halls from the initial design stage to technical drawing and detailing. As an architect, I believe that architecture can make our human-made world better. It can bring major improvements in a social and environmental aspect and this belief leads me to incorporate innovative, future-oriented, and sustainable solutions which reflect on people’s lives. After earning my Bachelor’s in Architecture, I completed my Master’s in the field of Building Technology at the faculty of Architecture at TU Delft in 2018. My thesis was about designing and building an adaptive facade with the use of ultra-thin glass and smart materials. It has been published a few times in different articles such as in Detail magazine. In my free time, I tend to fuel my creativity by traveling and discovering new places and people, dancing, digital painting, and playing Setar.