Bahareh Miri
Freelance Project, 2015-2018

This project has been built in Damavand, Iran. The project was started in 2015; and until now, I was responsible for Architectural Design, 3d Modelling, Structural Design, Facade Design, Landscape Design, Interior Design, and supervision during the construction phase.
The design seeks to display the traditional style of Iranian buildings. It has been inspired by the architecture of the old buildings in Iran and fits it in a modem context. The building is mainly made from Brick and wood which are traditional materials in this district. I designed a traditional brick facade in different patterns which also has a cultural value. Bricks are one of the oldest construction materials used in building and construction and in decorating buildings in Iran. Several brick patterns are used in the facade; In some cases, it adds stability to the masonry wall, while in some parts it creates different types of openings for the buildings.