Bahareh Miri

Design studio 8, Shahid Beheshti University, 2015

The project is located in Udlajan district, Tehran, Iran, which is surrounded by time-worn buildings. The project is designed as a habitat,  especially for the merchants, who trade there. Furthermore, Udlajan habitat consists of educational- commercial parts for people living in this complex. This residential complex is divided into three main parts connected to each other by the first and second floors. One of the most effective solutions, in order to have the maximum green spaces in the complex, was to design the majority of the units on the first and second floor and the least in the ground.

The site of the project is around 14000 square meters. The residential part of Udlajan complex embraces 75 various units in 120, 70, and 90 square meters. Each unit has a unique design. Some units are chosen to be drawn in detail.

Udlajan is located in one of the historical zones of the city. The main challenge of my final thesis was to find a solution to revive Udlajan in a way to be situated within a bigger context of the neighborhood and the community. Following the study on Udlajan zone such as social pattern, dispersal of population, and monumental buildings in the area, the units have been designed at low heights to be compatible with their surroundings and with respect to the adjacent low-rise monumental buildings. Since the residential space is placed in the middle of the area and far from the public streets, the residents could live in peace and calmness away from the noisy metropolitan city and also enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful scenery of the green space around the complex.